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  The new?Five Nights at Freddy’s game,?Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, unexpectedly released yesterday, and like any new?Five Nights at Freddy’s game, the new mechanics aren’t completely intuitive right away and take some getting used to. Hopefully this article will help you get some of the basics down, and then you can develop your own speedrunning strategy from there.

  First of all, it’s important to realize that you technically don’t have to deal with animatronics at all in this game. At the end of each night, you’ll have the option to salvage a discarded animatronic that was found outside your restaurant. If you choose to try to salvage any of these animatronics, they’ll try to kill you during the main gameplay. I’ll discuss how to avoid this in the next paragraph, but you also have the option to just throw away these animatronics instead of trying to salvage them. Without them in your restaurant to begin with, they won’t be able to kill you while you work. However, even if you choose to throw away all the animatronics you could potentially salvage, they may sneak into your restaurant anyway. Discarded animatronics can get into your restaurant by hiding in discounted items, so avoid buying discounted items to keep unwanted animatronics out. However, in true multiple-ending Five Nights at Freddy’s fashion,?you can only achieve the “true ending” by salvaging all the animatronics. So what do you do with them in your restaurant?

  If malicious animatronics find their way into your restaurant, then it turns into a real?Five Nights at Freddy’s game, albeit with different mechanics than previous entries. In this game, all the animatronics seem to function about the same way (at least as far as I can tell) and they all respond to sound. Therefore, you’ll want to make as little sound as possible yourself while sometimes distracting animatronics with noises in other areas. You can cause a noise in another area of the restaurant from your computer, but keep in mind that it would appear that the audio doesn’t have a great range, so the closer the noise is to the animatronic you’re trying to distract, the better. You can use the computer’s motion sensor to detect where animatronics are and then flip to the audio to make a noise relative to where they are. If an animatronic is close to you, you’ll immediately want to do two things. One is to turn off the computer and vents, since those both make a lot of noise. You’ll also want to face the vent that it looks like (or sounds like) an animatronic is about to come through, since by looking at a vent, you’re automatically shining a flashlight into it, and animatronics don’t like bright lights in this universe.

  There are other ways to reduce the amount of noise you are making as well. One is by never giving in to sponsorship deals. These deals will give you more money, which is useful, but at the cost of having loud advertisements appear on your computer screen every day. The more deals you take, the more ads you’ll have to endure and the more noise your computer will make. You can also buy upgrades for your computer to help get your daily activities done faster. This is useful because if you switch to the motion sensor, audio or vent panels on your computer, whatever activity you were just in the middle of will need to start from the beginning, so it’s better to have these activities take as little time to complete as possible. This is especially true for printing activities, which make even more noise on top of the computer and vent. As mentioned before, you can reduce noise by turning off your vents. Doing so, however, will cause the room to heat up, eventually getting so hot that you won’t be able to function anymore. To avoid this, you can use the silent vent, which doesn’t make noise and slows the rate at which the room heats up. The room will still gradually heat up with the silent vent, however, so depending on your strategy, you may want to ignore the silent vent and just turn the normal vent on and off as needed for coolness and noise reduction.

  I’m sure there are many more mechanics I haven’t figured out yet, so always stay on your toes and don’t be afraid to change your strategy if you discover something new.

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