[how to cheat in 8 ball pool]8 Ball Pool Updated Cheats & Tips Guide 2018


  If you are looking for a casual game that allows you to play pool in an uncomplicated way, your best bet is 8 Ball Pool. This game has been developed, and is maintained by Miniclip. For those of you unfamiliar with Miniclip, it is one of the most popular flash-game hosts on the internet. You can find the game on the Miniclip website, as well as many other random flash-game hosts that embedded the game into their websites. 8 Ball Pool is also available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, and has hundreds of millions of downloads altogether.

  Main screen in 8 Ball Pool

  Keep in mind that 8 Ball Pool is a multiplayer game. This means that you will always need an internet connection in order to be able to play the game. Everything in the game happens in real time, and all of your opponents are real people. Make sure that, before you start a pool game, that you have enough time to finish it. Leaving the game prematurely will result in a loss. In this How to Guide, you will learn everything there is to know about 8 Ball Pool.

  8 Ball Pool by Miniclip can be a very entertaining game to play against your friends. In order to be able to challenge your friends, you are first going to have to add them to your friends list. There is a number of ways to do this, but it all falls down to your own account type. You are able to play 8 Ball Pool by linking your Facebook/Google+ accounts, creating a Miniclip account or by using a Guest account. Adding your friends to the game is quite easy:

  Every account in 8 Ball Pool has a unique user ID. Ask your friends for their user IDs, and once you have obtained them, simply use the search feature to find/add them.

  You can also ask your friends for their player names, and add them that way.

  If you are playing against a random opponent, you can add him/her by tapping on the plus sign on their profile pictures.

  Linking your Facebook/Google+ accounts with 8 Ball Pool allows you to directly see your friends online.

  Store categories in 8 Ball Pool

  If you are playing 8 Ball Pool on an Android or iOS device, you will notice a green “Shop” button at the bottom-right of your screen. Tapping on that button allows you to purchase coins and cash with real money. Coins are the basic currency of 8 Ball Pool, while Cash is the premium currency. You can use Coins and Cash to purchase different kinds of cues, unlock different kinds of avatars and chat packs and play a variety of mini games. To purchase coins, you will need to take the following steps:

  Tap on the green “Shop” button at the bottom-right of your screen.

  Tap on the “Coins” button.

  Select the amount of Coins that you wish to purchase.

  Finalize your purchase.

  Your Coins are now added to your account.

  The spinning cheat in 8 Ball Pool allows you to position the cue ball after you have taken a shot. This can help you to put the cue ball in a better position for your next shot. You can also use spin to give your opponent a hard time, or to avoid yourself from potting the ball on a bad shot.

  To spin the cue ball on mobile, you have to tap on the cue ball at the top-right corner of your screen. This enables a red circle, allowing you to spin the ball any direction.

  To spin the cue ball in the browser version, you can either drag the red circle over your cue ball, or you can use your arrow keys to move it. The cue ball will spin in the direction that you have set on the next shot.

  Calling a pocket in 8 Ball Pool means that you choose the target pot before you take a shot. It is a rule that you must follow in order to play 8 Ball Pool. Before you take a shot, simply tap on one of the six pots that you prefer. If you are a lower rank, you will only need to call a pocket on the 8 ball; however, higher ranks need to call a pocket on every ball.

  Challenging a friend to a game of 8 Ball Pool is similar to adding them to your friends list:

  Search for your friends using their user IDs and challenge them directly.

  Search for your friends using their usernames and challenge them directly.

  If you have linked your Facebook/Google+ accounts to 8 Ball Pool, you can directly challenge any of your friends that are currently online.

  Changing the language of 8 Ball Pool

  Unfortunately, it is not possible to change countries in 8 Ball Pool. However, you can change the language of the game by tapping on the gear icon at the bottom-left corner. Scroll down to the Game Options menu and tap on the green “Change” button next to Language. 8 Ball Pool currently supports eleven different languages, such as English, Spanish and Turkish.

  In order to delete your 8 Ball Pool account, you will have to directly contact Miniclip. Send them an e-mail at support@miniclip.com and don’t forget to give them the following info:

  E-mail address


  Date of birth

  Approximate date of creation of account

  The reason why you want to delete your account

  If you do not provide the above-mentioned information to Miniclip, they will not respond to your e-mail. Obviously, if you used your Facebook/Google+, or a guest account to play 8 Ball Pool, you don’t need to worry about deleting your account. Just log out and delete the game.

  Different tables in 8 Ball Pool

  If you do not feel like purchasing Coins or Cash with real money & don’t want to waste your time with fake cheats, there are several ways to obtain them for free as well.

  Playing the game and leveling up will reward you with Cash. Each time you level up, you will receive one Cash.

  Tapping on the “Free Coins” button will reward you with twenty-five Coins. You can use this option every thirty minutes in the browser version, and one hour on mobile.

  For each day that you log in and play 8 Ball Pool, you receive one free spin on the wheel. You can win all kinds of different things, including cues, coins, cash etc. It is quite rare for you to win the best prizes; however, since you get a daily free spin, make sure that you use it. All the free spin cheats and hacks are fake, don’t waste your time with those. You’ll probably just have your account hacked or shutdown.

  In order to change your profile picture, you will have to: tap on your account name at the bottom-left corner of your screen > tap on the pencil icon > choose preferred avatar.

  It is not possible to use a personal picture directly from your photo album.

  You can use your Facebook photos as profile pictures if you linked your account.

  In order to rank and level up in 8 Ball Pool, you are going to have to obtain experience points. You do this by playing matches, either in the 1-on-1 mode or tournament mode. It also doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match. Of course, winning rewards you with more experience points. Keep obtaining experience points to increase your level. The highest possible level in 8 Ball Pool is 150. Your rank is determined by your total level.

  Logging out of your 8 Ball Pool account

  Logging out in 8 Ball Pool is quite easy. All you have to do is: tap on the gear icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen > tap on “logout” next to your account type.

  To be able to send coins and gifts in 8 Ball Pool, you are going to either have to link your Facebook account to the game, or play the game using a Miniclip account. Once you have done so, all you have to do is: tap on the “gift” button at the bottom-left > select the friend you want to gift > select gift > tap on send.

  If your 8 Ball Pool account is banned, it means that you have done something against the rules. You don’t necessarily need to receive warnings before you get banned either. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get your 8 Ball Pool account unbanned, if it got banned.

  Free Coins options in 8 Ball Pool

  There are currently two ways to earn free Coins in 8 Ball Pool:

  Watching short video advertisements will reward you with some Coins.

  Every hour (thirty minutes for browser version), you will receive 25 Coins for free.

  There are many so-called “extended guidelines hacks” available for 8 Ball Pool. None of those “hacks” actually work, and are simply designed to earn money through you. In order to extend your guidelines in 8 Ball Pool, you are going to have to purchase better cues in the in-game shop. You are going to have to look for cues with high levels of “aim”. The reason for this is that the aim level of a cue determines how long your guidelines are.

  Breaking a rack in 8 Ball PoolCue ball placement is important. Try to place the cue ball about two inches to the side of the dot, giving you more space to strike the ball.

  Make sure that you strike the cue ball with enough force. Too soft or too hard, and you will end up having a bad break.

  Try to hit the bottom right or left, scattering all of the balls around.

  Calling the right pocket is important in high-rank games. Call the side pocket on your break if you are playing in a ranked game that requires you to call pockets.