[Farm Heroes Saga]Farm Heroes Saga


  Farm Heroes Saga is a match-three game that gives players the task of collecting the right crops and materials for their farm.

  As they progress throughout the game, players can collect animals, pick flowers, hatch chickens and even go head to head with Rancid the Raccoon.

  Even if you are new to the game or pursue an improvement, the following tips can certainly help you.

  Every time you complete a level with moves to spare, you activate the Hero Mode.

  In Hero Mode, the game generates random multipliers that have a significant impact on your performance.

  Take care and look for the multipliers that get you the most points.

  Most Rancid levels are easy to beat, or at least the first ones. Therefore, you shouldn’t use precious beans to make them more manageable as they are not worth the cost.

  Beans should be used for buying boosters.

  In levels with flowers, make sure to get problems out of the way first.

  Problem flowers are smack in the middle of the game board. They prevent players from making matches and trying to make them use more moves than they should.

  Extra moves require gold. Never spend your gold on extra moves, that is, unless you are 100% sure that you are unable to pass a certain level.

  Since you’re playing a match-three game, matching towards the bottom improves your chances of creating a cascading effect towards the top.

  Moves that are at the bottom are essential, more important than the ones closer to the top.

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