[Budda Baker Madden 21]N room 18-year-old partner will be publicly founded by Jiang Xun Name Budda photo personal information[Figure]


  ”Doctoral House” operator Zhao Shibin gave Jiang Xun

  April 16th,”Doctoral Room” operator Zhao Shibin gaven,The real identity of the “budda” of the net name: 2001 birth,18 years old,Named Jiang Xun (transliteration).Police decided,On the 17th, the appearance of Jiang Xun will be publicly open from the Zhonglu Police Department to the prosecution.

  On the morning of the 16th, I was held an Open Committee.In the meeting, I decided to open the identity of Jiang Xun, which is the 18-year-old Jiang Xun.Jiang is suspected of actively raising the “Doctoral Room” member and produces and disperse exploitation video.It is reported that,Jiang Xun also replaced the virtual monetary criminal income of the “Dr. Room” to the cash to Zhao’s main.


  Dr. Zhao Zhao, the operator,Net name “budda”

  The police said that Jiang’s crime is careful.And it has caused harm to many victims.The criminal circumstances are serious.Informally, the reason for the identity of ginger.The police will then say: “For Jiang, Jiang is the consideration of minors,We have a deep discussion on human rights violations caused by public identities.But we believe that the identity of ginger is in line with the right to know the country.In the case of the crime level, it is also in accordance with the public interest. “

  The Seoul Local Police Department said on the 16th,Tomorrow (17th) 8 am,The process of delivering from the Zhonglu Police Departure to the centrally inspection will be performed in an open state.